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I write, sing, travel...

I write songs, poetry and plays. 

I sing for people from all over the globe. I travel with and without my guitar, drawing inspiration from this world.  I communicate with my listeners, readers and spectators through my lyrics. This is my best medium in conveying thoughts, experiences and impressions.  At my masterclasses, I gladly teach children and adults how to express themselves through poetry and music.  Likewise, I learn the same from them. 

Welcome to my Story!

Вавилон на волоске (CD 10 минут) - Александр Щербина
Viva la Cuba (CD Лайф из гуд) - Александр Щербина
Песня о Безумной Маше (CD До завтра, брат!) - Александр Щербина
Я умею смотреть (CD Лайф из гуд) - Александр Щербина



●    MA, CD "Creation of the Myth" (1996, 2003) 
●    MA, CD "Knight of a Random Image" (1996, 2003)

●    CD "From the First Line" (2003)
●    CD "The Song About Mad Masha" (2003)
●    CD "Improvisation on a Theme" (2005)
●    CD "See You Tomorrow, Brother" (2008)
●    CD "Para Bellum" (2009)
●    CD "Little Songs (Lullabies)" (2011)
●    CD "100Lichnyye Veshchi" (2012)
●    CD "Life is Good" (2013)
●    CD "Pauzi Imeni Stanislavskogo" (2014)
●    CD "Other Cities" (2017) 

●    CD "10 minutes" (2018)


●    2018 - "Romeo and Juliet" (song lyrics, music by Sergei Chekryzhov) - currently performing on the Big Stage at Teresa Durova Theater (aka Theatrium on Serpukhovka) in Moscow
●    2019 - "The Bridges of Madison County" based on the novel by Robert Waller)
●    2019 - "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" (based on the story by Pavel Sanaev)
●    2020 - "Graphomaniac's Dream" (author’s solo performance on the subject of creativity)
●    2020 - "My House Beast" (comedy-drama-detective co-authored with Oleg Ilyin)
●    2021 - "Wedding. Take 5" (comédie bouffe co-authored with Oleg Ilyin) 
●    2022 - "The Queen of Spades d[r]ama" (a rhymed dramatic play based on the novel by A.S. Pushkin)


●    "Fishy Rhumb" (“Rybnaya rymba”) (2010)
●    "Little Songs" (“Malen’kie pesenki”) (2011)
●    "Songs for Mad Masha" (“Pesni dlya Bezumnoy Mashi”) (2011)
●    "Arabica" (“Arabika”) (2013)
●    "Babylon by a Thread" (“Vavilon na voloske”) (2015)
●    "Story № 3. Poems and songs from 2010 to 2019" (2020)
●    "Story № 2. Poems and songs from 2000 to 2009" (2021)
●    "Story № 1. Poems and songs from 1990 to 1999" (2021)
●    "20 songs, with sheet music and chords for six-string guitar" (2022)

Since 2020, in addition to my concerts and masterclasses, I have been acting in my own solo show "Graphomaniac's Dream" dedicated to creative troubles and behind the scenes issues, about people obsessed with writing, geniuses, and myself.



In 2018, in collaboration with Sergei Chekryzhov, the composer and artistic director of the band "Neschastny Sluchai" I wrote a series of songs for the play "Romeo and Juliet" put on at Teresa Durova Theater.

After that, my collaboration with theaters continued. I wrote a rhymed play "The Queen of Spades d[r]ama" (based on the novel by A.S. Pushkin), a play based on the novel by Pavel Sanaev "Bury Me Behind the Baseboard", and another play based on Robert Waller's novel "Bridges of Madison County". Together with Oleg Ilyin we wrote two plays: "Wedding. Take 5" and "My House Beast".

In 2019, I worked as the director of the theater project "Bregovich and Organ" set to the music of Goran Bregovic, which Anna Vetlugina arranged for organ. While working on this project, I translated several Goran Bregovic songs from Emir Kusturica's films into Russian.


I've traveled a lot. Some of my trips I recorded on videos and posted on my YouTube channel under the special "travels" tag (they are still there, in case you're interested). I suggest that you start with the earliest ones. There are all sorts of fascinating videos: Château d'If, the pirate city, Tour de France, an island on Lake Baikal where shamans live, a crossing over the Lena River in Yakutia, and the Swiss chocolate factory Cailler...

I got to see a lot of interesting things. Some of them were terrifying. In August 1999, I found myself almost at the epicenter of the Izmit earthquake near Istanbul. And in March 2013, I had to flee by car from a very serious tornado in Orlando, FL. For something completely exotic, on the night of January 6-7, 2000, I ended up an assistant bell ringer at the first Christmas Liturgy in the restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Although this, as they say, is a different story altogether.

Alexander Shcherbina


At first, I did all of my own writing, signing, and performing. Over time, I have started connecting with other musicians and creative colleagues. In 2003, I teamed up with Adrian Krupchansky and together we formed the Adrian and Alexander band, in which I was the frontman and writer of all of the songs. After a successful ten-year run, our band played a beautiful farewell concert and took its well-earned place in music history. Soon thereafter I established the band Pauzi Imeni Stanislavskogo and proceeded to sing my songs with them. It was a large band of nine brilliant musicians and me as a front man and lead group vocalist. At the end of 2015, our band fell apart. I made a complete switch to acoustic sound and now perform solo or with an acoustic band.

Over all these years, I have released more than ten music albums and published about the same amount of poetry books. I have toured all over Russia and other countries, while giving musical performances. In the last fifteen years I've played about 800 concerts in more than 60 cities. For a person who considers himself a stay-at-home person, this is quite a lot.


For the past eight years I have been a permanent member of the panel of Jury on the numerous singer-songwriter/author’s song national and international festivals. I was part of the Jury and one of the headliners of the Grushinsky Author’s Song Festival, the world's largest festival of author’s song. I am also the creator and organizer of the "Hand in Hand" project (since 2017), in which talented children sing famous songs along with their authors. 

I am often asked about my creative kitchen and I like sharing with others details about my process and perspective. In 2014, I hosted a public broadcast "About the Author". A few years later, as a spin-off of this channel, I began teaching a seminar "About the Author. How to become an unrecognized genius". Later, I added to it two masterclasses on the theory and practice of public speaking: "Thank you, jitters!" (for adults) and "How to scare away your fear" (for children and teenagers).


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